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Agile at Allstate - Scrum & XP in Action [FREE Meetup event]

With Uber upending the transportation industry, Airbnb shaking up hospitality, and a host of financial services companies aiming to unseat the incumbents, it can be a scary time to be a legacy company, whatever your current market position. Billions of dollars are flowing into startups, most of them hoping to destroy the old guard across a variety of industries.

If you're Allstate, the insurance giant founded in 1931 with over $35 billion in revenue and an impressive spot (#81) on the Fortune 500 list, you fight back by forming a company-wide effort called CompoZed Labs, the stated goal being to "provide fully functional technology services and products at extreme speed, improving quality and delivering beautiful business solutions that work at Allstate."

Join us for an Agile in Action Field Report on Julie Clayton's two-year journey of launching Allstate's Charlotte-based CompoZed Agile development lab and leading cross-functional  teams into a zone of elevated innovation, productivity, and performance. Additional details and to RSVP for this Next Wave Agility-sponsored free event.