Next Wave Agility combines proven agile practices with a data-driven approach to prepare your organization to fluidly respond to changes in the evolving needs of your market and customers. Our integrated method of assessments, training, and coaching enables you to recognize and ride the waves of market opportunity ahead of your competition.


Evaluating how work moves through your organization informs the outcomes and approach of any intervention.

We identify opportunities for positive change by exploring your organization’s alignment to the values of transparency, balance, collaboration, customer focus, flow, and leadership. As Agendashift partners, we leverage the delivery assessment and transformation mapping tools provided by Mike Burrows.


Coaching accelerates your ability to integrate the principles of agility into your day-to-day practices. 

While training covers the "why" and "what" of an agile approach, coaching covers the "how"; the application of practices and principles within your context. By working alongside your people providing guidance, modeling, and mentoring, coaches can accelerate the journey to your goals and business outcomes.


Next Wave Agility offer Corporate Training solutions tailored to your business needs in each of the following 4 areas:


Product Management


Agile Coaching


Agile Management / Leadership


Agile Technical Practices

We collaborate with your company to design custom curriculum pathways for recruiting, onboarding, reskilling or upskilling employees. Then, our expert instructors adapt delivery based on real-time input from participants and their managers.  Our dynamic approach delivers accelerated, measurable, objective-based outcomes for our clients and real return on investment.



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